I am Asvin G (sometimes written as Asvin Gothandaraman), currently a fifth year math PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am advised by Jordan Ellenberg. I will graduate Summer 2023 and am on the job market now.

I am interested in Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry and their connections to other fields. I have an inactive blog here and a mathoverflow page here. Here are a few notes I wrote a long time ago.

You can contact me at gasvinseeker94@gmail.com.


Research Statement.

Papers and preprints

My public author-identifier on arxiv.

  1. A Chebotarev Density Theorem over Local Fields with Yifan Wei and John Yin. [arxiv]
  2. Configuration spaces, graded spaces, and polysymmetric functions with Andrew O’Desky. [arxiv]
  3. On the variation of the Frobenius in a non abelian Iwasawa tower. [arxiv]
  4. Unlikely and just likely intersections for high dimensional families of elliptic curves. [arxiv]
  5. Just-likely intersections on Hilbert modular surfaces with Qiao He and Ananth N. Shankar. [arxiv]

Unpublished writings

Here are some papers that I don’t plan on publishing either because they are expository or do not contain enough novel ideas.

  1. Supersingularity of Motives with Complex Multiplication and a Twisted Polarization. [arxiv]


Some useful advice on writing from Poonen.

A note on Weil restrictions from the stacks workshop 2017: Weil restriction for schemes and beyond.