I am Asvin G (sometimes written as Asvin Gothandaraman), currently a fourth year math PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I am advised by Jordan Ellenberg.

I am interested in Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry and their connections to other fields. I have an inactive blog here and a mathoverflow page here. Here are a few notes I wrote a long time ago.

You can contact me at gasvinseeker94@gmail.com. For work in progress and an outline of my research interests, see the research tab.


My public author-identifier on arxiv.

  1. On the variation of the Frobenius in a non abelian Iwasawa tower. arxiv
  2. Unlikely and just likely intersections for high dimensional families of elliptic curves. arxiv
  3. Configuration spaces, graded spaces, and polysymmetric functions. arxiv


Some useful advice on writing from Poonen.